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GPIO widget is to set I/O pin’s attributes, function and its binding register.

An educational vidoe is availble to get users started:

  • Educational Video

Widget Property

I/O Pin Name

Property Description Operation
Widget Name Widget displayed name Name
Link to User Manual Link to IOT’s website for User Manual  

I/O Pin Configuration

Property Description Operation
Enable Enable this I/O Pin Checkbox
Binding Register When the I/O Pin is set to be an output pin, the value of this binding register is output to this pin. When this I/O Pin is set to be an input pin, the value of this pin is stored in this binding register. The value only allows True or False. Register Selector
Input Output Mode Select a mode from Digital Output, Digital Input and Digital Output PP(Push Pull)  
Input Pull Mode Select an input pull mode. The mode can be No Pull, Pull Up or Pull Down.