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Backlight widget is to control the brightness of the backlight and the backlight sleep mode.

Widget Property

I/O Pin Name

Property Description Operation
Widget Name Widget displayed name Name
Link to User Manual Link to IOT’s website for User Manual  

Backlight Pin Configuration

Property Description Operation
Enable Enable this backlight control pin. If not enabled, the backlight is set to be 100% brightness and default backlight PWM frequency. Checkbox
Binding Register Select a binding register whose value (0-100) represents the brightness percentage of the backlight Register Selector
Customized Backlight PWM Frequency Enable the customized backlight PWM frequency Checkbox
Customized Backlight Freqency(Hz) Backlight PWM frequency from500Hz-100000Hz. Every LCM has its own optimized backlight frequency. Please refer to the LCM’s user manual for this technical detail. Number Editor

Screen Lock

Property Description Operation
Enable Screen Lock Enable the screen lock function Checkbox
Binding Screen Lock Control Register Bind a register whose value determines if the screen is locked or not Checkbox
Control Register When this control register’s value is True, then Screen Lock function is enabled. Register Selector
Time(s) Set the screen idle time in seconds before triggering Screen Lock function Number Editor