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Multiple State Button is an input widget and it has multiple internal states. Different internal states can have different images.

An educational vidoe is availble to get users started:

  • Educational Video

Widget Property

Multiple State Button

Property Description Operation
Widget Name Widget displayed name Name
Link to User Manual Link to IOT’s website for User Manual  

Visibility Control

Property Description Operation
Binding Hidden Control Register Select a binding register to control the visibility of this widget Checkbox
Hidden Control Register Choose a binding regsiter Register Selector

Image Collection Setting

Property Description Operation
Image Collection Please refer to Image Collection Management for more details Image Collection Management

Image Display Setting

Property Description Operation
Binding Index Register Select a binding register as the index. Once the value of the bound register changes, so does the image. Register Selector
Preview Index Image 影像集的圖片索引 Number Editor
Alignment Align the Center to the central point of the widget Alignment Selector

Click Event Setting

Property Description Operation
Enable Callback Function Once the widget is clicked, a callback function is activated Checkbox
Behavior Programming Blockly Editor Blockly Editor

On-Widget Editor

Property Description Operation
Adjust the center point Center Editor

Right-Click Menu

Move to Center

Property Description Operation
Move to Center Move the Center to the central point of the widget Center Editor

Widget-Specific Actions

Property Description Operation
Reset to Origianl Size Reset the widget’s size to the default value Reset Editor
Reset Ratio by Width Reset the widget’s aspect ratio based on the width Reset Editor
Reset Raito by Height Reset the widget’s aspect ratio based on the height Reset Editor
Preview Press Animation Preview the widget action when pressed  
Link to User Manual… Connect to the education video and play it