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System Menu

After clicking the top left icon , System Menu will pop up:

Figire 2-2 ADE System Menu

  • New Design from Template: Allowing users to choose a Ubique Panel product to start designing HMI.

  • Open: Opening a stored HMI design. Once clicked, an pop-up dialog window will appear allowing users to choose a design file to open. All the ADE designs bear the same file extension name: .epgz. In this pop-up dialog window, only those files with this extension name will be seen.

  • Save: Saving HMI designs. If a new design has not been given a name, a file saving dialog window will pops up allowing users to specify the file name.

  • Save As…: Saving HMI design to a different file. A dialog window will appears allowing users to specify or select the target file name.

  • Export…: Exporting HMI design. Users can export their HMI design to IOT’s Ubique Panel product completing an HMI development. In addition, ADE can export the HMI design to a PDF-formated document or a HTML file with hyper links. Please refer to Export

  • Print…: Printing HMI design. Please refer Export

  • Close: Closing HMI design.

  • Recent Designs: Listing the recently opened HMI designs for users to quickly select and open a previous HMI design.

  • Settings…: Setting up ADE’s system parameters. Please refer Settings

  • Select Language: Selecting the langaue used in ADE. Currently users can select English or 繁體中文

  • Tools: Managing widget libraries and fonts. Please refer Tools

  • About…: Displaying version, copyright information and the release note.

  • Exit: Exiting and closing ADE program.

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