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LED is an output widget.

This widget is to emulate the behavior of the physical LEDs. It can be set as on/off mode or analog mode for brightness.

An educational vidoe is availble to get users started:

  • Educational Video

Widget Property


Property Description Operation
Widget Name Widget displayed name Name
Link to User Manual Link to IOT’s website for User Manual  

Visibility Control

Property Description Operation
Binding Hidden Control Register Select a binding register to control the visibility of this widget Checkbox
Hidden Control Register Choose a binding regsiter Register Selector

Behavior Setting

Property Description Operation
Value as Brightness Use the value of the binding register to set the brightness Checkbox
Toggle/Brightness Binding Register Select a binding register for the toggle mode (on/off) or as the indicator for brightness (0-255) Register Selector

Body Setting

Property Description Operation
Show Center Handler Show Center Handler Checkbox
Main Color Select a main color Color Selector
Gradient Color Select a gradient color Color Selector
Body Opacity % Set the widget body opacity(0-100%) Number Editor
LED Shape Select a LED shape Dropdown List
Corner Radius Set the corner radius; only valid when the LED shape is set to Rectangle Number Editor

Border Setting

Property Description Operation
Border Color Select a border color Color Selector
Border Opacity % Set the border opacity (0-100%) Number Editor
Border Width Set the border width. The maximum value varies according to the size of the widget. Number Editor

Shadow Setting

Property Description Operation
Shadow Mode Select the shadow mode Dropdown List
Shadow Color Select a shadow color Color Selector
Shadow Width Select a shadow width (0-30) Number Editor

On-Widget Editor

Property Description Operation
Adjust the center of the widget Center Editor

Right-Click Menu

Move to Center

Property Description Operation
Move to Center Move the center of the circle to the central point of the widget Center Editor

Widget-Specific Actions

Property Description Operation
Link to User Manual… Connect to the education video and play it