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Audio Player is an output widget whose function is to play audio file. This support the following audio file:

  • File Format:.wav
  • Date:PCM
  • Sample Rate:8 kHz-22.05 kHz
  • Bit Resolution:8 bits
  • Channel:1

Users can provide several audio files and use an index register to decide which file to play.

An educational vidoe is availble to get users started:

  • Educational Video

Widget Property

Audio Player

Property Description Operation
Widget Name Widget displayed name Name
Link to User Manual Link to IOT’s website for User Manual  

Behavior Setting

Property Description Operation
Enable Enable this widget Checkbox
Player Command Register Select a comamnd register
Regiser value 0: Stop playing
Register Value 1: Start Playing
Register Value 2: Pause
Register value 3: Resume playing
Register Selector
Index Register Select a register whose value serves as the index to choose which audio file to play Register Selector
Import Audio File Please refer to FileArray Table Dialog FileArray Table Dialog

Right-Click Menu


Property Description Operation
Enable Enable this widget Checkbox

Widget-Specific Actions

Property Description Operation
Link to User Manual… Connect to the education video and play it