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Circular Progress Bar is an output widget. It used filling color to show progress or a value. The progression of the Circular Bar can be clockwise or counter-clockwise. The maximum and minimum values can be set. This widget mimic the behavior of the real-world circular progress bar with LED light sources.

An educational vidoe is availble to get users started:

  • Educational Video

Widget Property

Circular Progress Bar

Property Description Operation
Widget Name Widget displayed name Name
Link to User Manual Link to IOT’s website for User Manual  

Visibility Control

Property Description Operation
Binding Hidden Control Register Select a binding register to control the visibility of this widget Checkbox
Hidden Control Register Choose a binding regsiter Register Selector

Behavior Setting

Property Description Operation
Direction Progression of the bar can be clockwise or counter-clockwise
Dropdown List
Revsered Scale Progression of the bar is to going from max to min value
Dropdown List
Minimum Data Value The minimum value for the circular progress bar to present. This value must be larger than the minimum value of the binding register. Number Editor
Maximum Data Value The maximum value for the circular progress bar to present. This value must be larger than the minimum value of the binding register. Number Editor
Value Binding Register Select a register of which value is to be shown by the progress bar. Register Selector
Show Direction Guide Show the progress bar’s direction arrow. This arrow is visible in the design panel only. Checkbox
Center Location Set the coordinate values for the center point Alignment Selector
Alignment Align the center location to the central point of this widget Alignment Selector

Style Setting

Property Description Operation
Show Foreground Image Enable the foreground image. If the image has opacity setting, then the progress bar is shown through the image. Checkbox
Load Foreground Image Load a image from the file system as the foreground File Open Dialog Box
Rounded Endpoint Check to make the end points of the progress bar rounded Checkbox
Start Angle Progres bar starting angle (0-359). Please refer to Number Editor for more details. Number Editor
Arc Length Progress bar length setting in degrees(1-359) Number Editor
Arc Radius Set the radius of the arc. The maximum value of the radius is determined by the size of the widget. Number Editor
Arc Color Select a color for the arc Color Selector
Arc Width Set the width of the arc (0-100) Number Editor

On-Widget Editor

Property Description Operation
Adjust the center location Center Editor

Right-Click Menu

Move to Center

Property Description Operation
Move to Center Move the center of the progress bar circule to the centerl point of the widget Center Editor


Property Description Operation
Direction Set the progression direction to be clockwise or counter-clockwise
Center Editor

Widget-Specific Actions

Property Description Operation
Edit Image Edit the foreground image Image Editor Dialog Box
Load Foreground Image… Load an image from the file sytem as the foreground File Open Dialog Box
Paste from Clipboard Paste an image from Clipboard as the foreground  
Link to User Manual… Connect to the education video and play it