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There are buttons in this category:

圖2-35 尺寸間距調整工具列

These buttons are used to adjust the sizes of the widgets and the space between widgets.

Make Same Sizes

The left-hand side two buttons are used to make the widgets same height or width:

圖2-36 對齊高度及寬度

Make selected widgets (more than two widgets) to have same height or same width. The target height or width is chosen based on the larger or largest height/width of the selected widgets.

Make Same Spaces

The right-hand side two buttons are used to create same spacing between widgets:

圖2-37 等長垂直或水平間距

More than three widgets are selected in order to activate these two buttons. The two buttons take the average of the gaps between widgets horizontally or vertically and use this average number for the space between widgets.